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    Get news updates, newly published and articles from HLC METAL PARTS LTD (HLC).
  • 2018 International CES Invitation
    2018 International CES Invitation
    Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) , is a reputation of excellence in the industry association, the development will be through the development of science and technology policy, organization of large-scale exhibitions, market research, and the establi
  • 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)
    2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)
    The Hongkong electronic products exhibition, sponsored by the Hongkong Trade Development Bureau, has become the world's largest comprehensive trade exhibition of electronic products. Hongkong international electronic components and production technology e
  • Welcome The Mexican State Mission
    Welcome The Mexican State Mission
    On October 11, Dongguan HLC usher in an important long-distance guests: from the core leadership of the state of the Philippines, the official delegation. For the attention of Dongguan HLC in Mexico to build hardware accessories industrial park plan.
  • How To Localize The Overseas Manufacturing
    How To Localize The Overseas Manufacturing
    Large overseas markets, how to create market share for the manufacture of Dongguan, making more money in the United States and the euro? Data shows that more than 60% of entrepreneurs have been to abroad, what are you still hesitate? !
  • 2017 International CES
    2017 International CES
    HLC was able to expand its reach to the USA, a major strategic market that HLC are keen to exploit with their quality and diversity of products and manufacturing techniques.
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